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JUST HAIR USA is dedicated to offering luxurious virgin hair at a price every one can afford. In just under a year, JUST HAIR USA has become a well known retailer of raw, 100% Virgin hair. JUST HAIR USA takes pride in offering outstanding customer service. Our goal is to provide you with consistent access to a variety of luxurious virgin hair products that are fabulous, versatile, and last for a very long time.

JUST HAIR USA was established in 2017 by Shakia McDavid. After spending time working in China and India as a marketing consultant, she was driven to learn more about the hair industry. After several months of research, meeting with various vendors, and factories she established her own operation overseas and JUST HAIR USA was born. Due to her establishing her own operation overseas; JUST HAIR USA is able to offer luxurious extensions at a competitive price. With outstanding social media, excellent customer reviews, strategic marketing, and simply with the best virgin hair products the industry has to offer; JUST HAIR USA is quickly climbing the ladder to becoming the go-to for luxurious Virgin hair products.